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Theatre of the World /
Le théâtre du monde

Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies / Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle
Northwestern Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
October 17-20, 1996 / 17-20 octobre 1996
University of Victoria, British Columbia / Université de Victoria, Colombie-Britannique

Wednesday, October 16 / Mercredi 16 octobre



Executive Meeting / Réunion du Bureau

Thursday, October 17 / Jeudi 17 octobre

9:00-10:30 Sessions / Séances

A. Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century / Shakespeare au XVIIIe siècle

John Rempel, University of Manitoba
"Nahum Tate's ('aberrant', 'appalling') The History of King Lear [1681]: Shakespeare as Inscriptive Site"

Elisa Tamarkin, Stanford University
"Seductive Discoveries: Clarissa and Shakespearean Adaptation in the Mid-Eighteenth Century"

Susan Wood, University of Nevada
"'And Lose the Name of Action': Hamlet and Tristram Shandy"


B. French History in Literature and Theatre / L'histoire française dans la littérature et au théâtre

Mary-France Hilgar, University of Nevada
"Les historiens et la tragédie française au XVIIIe siècle"

Eric Annandale, University of Manitoba
"La Mort de Louis XI de Mercier ou les coulisses du pouvoir"

Mary Ellen Ross, University of Victoria
"Jeanne d'Arc dans l'armée royale de Vendée : Mémoires d'une cavalière et d'une espionne"


C. Images and Texts / Images et textes

Sonia Lochner, University of Victoria
"Chasing Windmills: Don Quixote and the Search for History Painting in Early Modern England"

Peter Biggs, Bryn Mawr College
"Oliver Goldsmith and the Finer Points of Painting"

Susan Nash, Capital University
"Talking Heads: 'Tête-à-tête' Caricatures as Closet Theatre"

11:00-12:30 Sessions / Séances

A. Roles for Women / Rôles féminins

Katherine Quinsey, University of Windsor
"Libertinism, Feminism, and the Actress in Dryden"

Dave Buchanan, Northern Lights College
"Railing Ladies: Women's Contributions to the Restoration Satiric Debate about Women"

Rebecca Jordan, Independant Scholar, Lawrence, Kansas
"Dora Jordan: Queen of Comedy and Duke's Mistress"


B. Huguenots

Jim Dybikowski, University of British Columbia
"Anthony Collins and Pierre Des Maizeaux: 'Our Affairs of Books and Wine and Tea'"

Otto Selles, Redemeer College
"How to Avoid the Plague: Antoine Court's Visit to Geneva (1720-1722)"

Marie-France Silver, Université York
"La correspondance des prisonnières protestantes de la Tour de Constance"


C. The Discovery of the Self in German Literature / La découverte du moi dans la littérature allemande

Rod Milne, University of Toronto
"C.M. Wieland's Araspes und Panthea and the Discovery of the Sexual Self (1756-1760)"

Stefan Rehm, Queen's University
"Lessing's Pity: The Spectator as Self-Imitator"

Linda Schmoll, University of Waterloo
"Thomas Langhoff's Film Version of Goethe's Stella"

Chair / Présidente : Alison Scott-Prelorentzos

14:00-15:30 Sessions / Séances

A. Gender and Poetry in the Early Eighteenth Century / Femmes, sexualité et poésie au début du XVIIIe siècle

Pamela Plimpton, University of Oregon
"Upstaging the Masculine Part: Stuart Kings, Elegiac Praises, and the Woman Poet"

Richard Pickard, University of Alberta
"The Sexual Politics of Landscape: Augustan Women Poets and Environmentalism"

Raymond Stephanson, University of Saskatchewan
"The Birthing Scenarios of Pregnant Male Brains: Reproductive Metaphors and Patriarchal Autogenesis in the Eighteenth Century"


B. Opera / L'opéra

Anette Guse, Queen's University
"Opera on Stage and on Screen: Reflections on the Hamburg Opera (1678-1738) and its Modern Counterpart"

Alexander Sokalski, University of Saskatchewan
"Operas Based on the Chevalier de Bouffler's Reine de Golconde"

David Schroeder, Dalhousie University
"Hanswurst and Carnival in Mozart's Magic Flute"

Chair / Présidente : Gordana Lazarevich, University of Victoria


C. Self-constructions / Constructions du moi

John Money, University of Victoria
"Reading John Cannon's Chronicles: The Making of a Parish Anglican in the Age of the Fiscal Military State"

Joan Coutu, University of Waterloo
"Making a Spectacle of Himself: George II and the Royal Fireworks"

John Stephen Martin, University of Calgary
"Franklin, Aristotle, and Autobiographical Irony"

16:00-18:00 Sessions / Séances

A. Gender and Genres / Le genre et les genres

Betty Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University
"'Bringing known Characters again upon the Stage': Print, Gender, and some Eighteenth-Century Sequels"

Gordon Fulton, University of Victoria
"Lady Bradshaigh's Annotations on Richardson's Clarissa"

Deborah McLeod, University of Alberta
"Gender as Mask and Sword: Representations of Self in the Theatre of the Paratext"

Katherine Binhammer, University of Alberta
"The Evils of Novel Reading: Seducing the Female Reader in the Late Eighteenth-Century England"


B. Writing a Life : Adam Smith / Écrire une vie : Adam Smith

A round-table discussion devoted to Ian Simpson Ross's The Life of Adam Smith. Participants will include Paul Wood, Roger Emerson, David Raynor, and Ian Simpson Ross.

Table ronde consacrée à l'ouvrage de Ian Simpson Ross The Life of Adam Smith. Les intervenants seront Paul Wood, Roger Emerson, David Raynor et Ian Simpson Ross.


C. Representations / Représentations

Brigitte Glaser, Kath. Universitaet Eichstaett
"From the Centre to the Margin: The Changing Function of the Clothes in the Eighteenth-Century Novel"

Mariann Henn, University of Alberta
"Es weiblich Bildnis: Artists, Art and Images of Women in Plays by Lessing and Schiller"

Ursula Rempel, University of Manitoba
"Domestic Theatricality or Theatrical Domesticity: Perceptions of Music and Performance in the Novels of Jane Austen"

Friday, October 18 / Vendredi 18 octobre

9:00-10:30 Sessions / Séances


A. The World of Frances Burney (Part I) / Le monde de Frances Burney (1re partie)

Andrew Bartlett, University of British Columbia
"Playgoing, Scandal, and Closure in Burney's Evelina (1778) and Charlotte Smith's Emmeline (1788)"

Linda Lang-Peralta, University of Nevada
"Frances Burney's The Witlings: Laughing Comedy or Sentimental Comedy?"

Kenneth Ericksen, Linfield College
"Frances Burney's Happy Endings: Conventional Fifth Act or Philosophical Statement ?"


B. The Politics of Philosophy / Philosophie et politique

Paul Lamarre, University of Toronto
"Staging the Example: John Horne Tooke and the Question of Original Politics"

Eleanor Ty, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Displaying Hysterical Bodies: Philosophists in West's The Infidel Father"

Grant Campbell, University of Toronto
"Starry Wheels and Watch Fiends: Horology and Timepieces in William Blake's Milton"


C. Theatre and Drama in Germany / Le théâtre allemand

Jutta Van Selm, Southern Methodist University
"Goethe's Salto Mortale: How to Get from the Italian Carnival to a German Classical Theatre"

Laurence Kitching, Simon Fraser University
"German Theatre in a European Context"

Reuediger Mueller, Queen's University
"Don Karlos and the Misunderstanding of Public and Private"


D. Theatrical Influences in Literature / Influences réciproques du théâtre et de la littérature

Isobel Grundy, University of Alberta
"Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Theatrical Eclogue"

Maryse Duggan, Independent Scholar, Vancouver
"Le théâtre comme procédé parodique dans un conte de Mlle de Lubert"

Thomas Lockwood, University of Washington
"Shamela on Stage"

11:00-12:30 Sessions / Séances

A. The World of Frances Burney (Part II) / Le Monde de Frances Burney (2e partie)

Diane Harris, University of Toronto
"Eugenia's Escape: The Written Word in Fanny Burney's Camilla"

Katherine Zelinski, University of Calgary
"'[A] form and face so hideous': Camilla's Female 'Freaks' and the Cultural Dynamics of Otherness"

Susan Wood, University of Nevada
"Female Difficulty: Self-Consciousness and Acting 'Natural': Burney's The Wanderer"

Chair / Président : Peter Sabor, Université Laval


B. Women Artists and Collectors / Femmes artistes et amateurs d'art

Christa Fell, Queen's University
"History Enshrined: 'Mon Plaisir', the Life Work of the Duchess Augusta Dorothea von Schwarzburg-Arnstadt"

Rosena Davison, Simon Fraser University
"Catherine the Great, Grimm, and Mme d'Épinay"

Olga Cragg, University of British Columbia
"Exit from France: Vigée LeBrun's Cultural Connection with Russia"

Chair / Présidente : Carol Gibson-Wood, University of Victoria


C. The World of David Hume / Le monde de David Hume

Roger Emerson, University of Western Ontario
"Hume as Ecclesiastical Historian"

Frits van Holthoon, Groningen
"Reason is and ought to be the slave of the passions! Is it? Hume's View of Reason as an Agent in History"

Douglas Long, University of Western Ontario
"Hume's Imagination Revisited"

Chair / Président : David Raynor, University of Ottawa


D. The Fieldings / Les Fielding

Tiffany Potter, Queen's University
"In-Between and Independent: Henry Fielding's Subversion of the Angel/Whore Binary"

Tom Cleary, University of Victoria
"The Power of Secrets in Tom Jones"

Bonnie Herron, University of Alberta
"Many a Sly Hint': The Bodies and Minds of Children in Sarah Fielding's The Governess"


Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale des membres


Plenary Session / Séance plénière

Béatrice Didier, École nomale supérieure
"La réception de l'opéra par les philosophes"

Saturday, October 19 / Samedi 19 octobre

9:00-10:30 Sessions / Séances


A. The World of Jane Austen / Le monde de Jane Austen

Barbara Seeber, University of Prince Edward Island
"The 'Diabolical scheme' in Lady Susan"

Marvin Lansverk, Montana State University
"Desire and Domestic Allegory in Austen's Sense and Sensibility"

John Hart, Lewis and Clark College
"Jane Austen's 'Vicious' Admiral"


B. Les philosophes et le théâtre (1re partie)

Sante Viselli, Université de Winnipeg
"Montesquieu et le théâtre"

Thierry Belleguic, University of Western Ontario
"Diderot et le théâtre du monde : du paradoxe sur le comédien au paradoxe sur le philosophe"

Lucia di Benedetto, University of Southern Maine
"Diderot's Jacques le Fataliste et son maître: The Comic of the Refrain"


C. Women and Travel Literature / La femme et la littérature de voyage

Noel Currie, University of British Columbia
"The View from Abroad: Reading Oroonoko as Travel Narrative"

Susan Lamb, University of Toronto
"Woman as Tourist Site: Sterne's Maria and Mary of Buttermere"

Pam Perkins, University of Manitoba
"Quarreling with Dr. Johnson: Journeys through the Highlands"


D. London / Londres

Robert Merrett, University of Alberta
"London in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Comedy: Capital Settings"

George Drake, University of Washington
"Inside-Outside: Representations of Alsatia and the Mint"

Don Nichol, Memorial University
"The London Trade Strikes Back: The Booksellers Relief Bill of 1774"

Chair / Président : John Money, University of Victoria

11:00-12:30 Sessions / Séances


A. Centre and Periphery / Centre et périphérie

April London, University of Ottawa
"Edward Bancroft: Imperialism and History"

Eva Campbell, University of Victoria
"Joshua Steele and the Barbados Society of Arts"

Ian Dennis, University of British Columbia
"'We Will Make the Happy Tremble': Mimetic Desire and Theatrical Victimhood in Maturin's The Milesian Chief"


B. Les philosophes et le théâtre (2e partie)

Hope Leigh, North Island College
"Le théâtre dans la lutte pour la tolérance religieuse de Voltaire"

Georges Bérubé, York University
"L'apparition du personnage du père dans le théâtre de Voltaire"


C. Polite and Popular / Le poli et le populaire

R. S. Krishnan, North Dakota State University
"Addison and Steele, and The Spectator: Domesticated Satire and Democratized Values"

Richard Gooding, Okanagan University College
"Bahktin's Barbers: Barber-Surgery and the Carnivalesque in the English Popular Imagination"


D. Theatricality and French Novels / La théâtralité et le roman français

Glen Campbell, University of Calgary
"La théâtralité libertine dans les Égarements du coeur et de l'esprit (1736)"

Suzanne Toczyski, Pacific Lutheran University
"Dangerous Theatricality: The Arena of Sacrifice in Les Liaisons dangereuses"

Armelle Saint-Martin, Independent Scholar, Winnipeg
"Exhibitionnisme et burlesque dans les 120 Journées de Sodome"


Plenary Session / Séance plénière

John Barrell, University of York, U.K.
"'An Entire Change of Performances?': Politics and Playbills 1794-5"

Sunday, October 20 / Dimanche 20 octobre

9:00-11:00 Sessions / Séances


A. Conduct and Courtesy / Conduite et courtoisie

Tim Prior, University of Toronto
"The Art of Pleasing: Henry Fielding's Conduct Literature"

Patricia Whiting, University of Ottawa
"No Fine and Private Place: Mourning Behaviours for Widows in The Female Tatler"

Jean Coates Cleary, University of Victoria
"Jane Austen and the Courtesy Books"


B. Aesthetics and Criticism / Esthétique et critique

Daniel Dumouchel, Université de Montréal
"La belle âme : à propos de l'individualité esthétique au XVIIIe siècle"

Paul Meagher, Royal Military College
"Vauvenargues, a Forerunner of Romanticism"

Chair / Président : Thierry Belleguic, University of Western Ontario


C. Exile and Confinement in Literature of the 1790's (Part I) / Exil et confinement dans la littérature des années 1790 (1re partie)

Linda Lang-Peralta, University of Nevada
"The Woman Writer and 'The Female Exile'"

Stephen Wolfe, Linfield College
"'Marriage had bestilled me for life': Wollstonecraft, Godwin, and the Rhetoric of Confinement"

Rachel Bennett, Independent Scholar, Edmonton
"A Theatre of Calamity: Disguise and Closure in Caleb Williams"

11:30-13:00 Sessions / Séances

A. Political Thought / La pensée politique

J. E. Crimmins, Huron College
"Religion and Political Thought: The Utilitarians"

Peter Babiak, York University
"Curtain Call for Eighteenth-Century Liberalism: The Theme of Intellectual Imperfection from Adam Smith to Friedrich Hayek and the Postmoderns"


B. Ancients and Moderns / Les Anciens et les Modernes

Frans de Bruyn, University of Ottawa
"Beating Plowshares into Swords: Jethro Tull Mounts a Skirmish in the Battle of the Books"

Charles Strong, California Polytechnic State University
"Phèdre: What Racine Does Not Owe to Euripedes and Seneca"

John Baird, University of Toronto
"Processions, Tableaux, Metaphors: The Battles of Ossian"


C. Exile and Confinement in Literature of the 1790's (Part II) / Exil et confinement dans la littérature des années 1790 (2e partie)

Sydney Stoyan, University of Ottawa
"Clara Reeve's Intriguing Widows"

Mary Keczan-Ebos, York University
"...within the enclosure: Mary Raymond as Specimen"

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