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Material productions & cultural construction
Culture matérielle et constructions discursives

September 16-20, 1998 / 16-20 septembre 1998
University of Alberta / Université de l'Alberta

Wednesday, September 16 / Mercredi 16 septembre


Bruce Stovel
"The Eighteenth Century on Film"


Executive Meeting / Réunion du Bureau


Thursday, September 17 / Jeudi 17 septembre


Sessions / Séances

A1: Materials of Childhood Culture

Juliet McMaster, Tobi Kozakewich, Kirsten MacLeod; Alberta
"Editing and Pedagogy: Austen's Juvenilia in the Classroom"

Andrew O'Malley, Alberta
"Chapbook Residue: Newbery, Marshall, and the Shifting Moral Economy of Late Eighteenth-Century Children's Books"

Barbara Simler, Alberta
"'The trade of coming out': Sartorial Signs of Crossing the Treshold in Mansfield Park"

Chair / Présidente : Juliet McMaster, Alberta


B2: Making Music

Vivian Bosley, Alberta
"The Recorder in the Eighteenth Century: An Introduction to the Banquet Music"

Ursula Rempel, Manitoba
"'You, too, can play the harp in six months': Consumerism, Commercialism, and Commodification in Late Eighteenth-Century Music Method Books"

Marie Térey-Smith, Western Washington University
"Antonio Jose da Silva, the Founder of the Portuguese National Opera"

Chair / Président : Bruce Stovel, Alberta


C3: Biography: Construction and Production

Isobel Grundy, Alberta
"'Bespatter'd because she was a woman': Writing the Life of Elizabeth I"

David Raynor, Ottawa
"Hume's Life of Elizabeth I"

Jeanne Wood, Alberta
"Producing Knowledge in the Biographical Dictionary"

Chair / Présidente : Deborah McLeod, Victoria


D4: German Literature Part I: A Panel in Honour of Alison Scott-Prelorentzos

Joan Coutu, Waterloo
"Aesthetic Concerns?: The English and the Laocoön in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century"

Christa Fell, Queen's
"Lessing's Samuel Henzi: A Fragment?"

David John, Waterloo
"Lessing's International Impact"

Hans-Günter Schwarz, Dalhousie
"Constructing the Orient / Constructing Modern Aesthetics"

Chair / Président : Eric Annandale, Manitoba



Sessions / Séances


A5: The English Novel Part I

Rachel Bennet, Alberta
"From Consuming to Constructing: Humphrey Repton's Continuation of Caleb Williams"

Lorna Clark, Ottawa
"Sarah Harriet Burney, Sister-Novelist"

Ronald Hatch, UBC
"The Development of Free Indirect Speech in the Novels of Jane Austen"

Chair / Présidente : Kathleen James-Cavan, Saskatchewan


B6: Print Culture and Literary Form Part I

Christopher Fanning, CUNY
"Staging the Text, Textualizing the Stage: Monstrous Textuality in Three Hours after Marriage"

Don Nichol, Memorial
"Traumas of Transmission: Editing and Illustrating Pope's Text"

Katherine Quinsey, Windsor
"Rhyme and Print: The Material Voice of the Poet in Pope"

Chair / Président : Christopher Fanning, CUNY


C7: History, Historiography

Mark Phillips, UBC
"Historical Distance and the Reception of Eighteenth-Century Historiography"

John Money, Victoria
"Before James Lackington: Book, Self, and Country in Patriot England: John Cannon and his Bible, 1684-1743"

Charlotte Sussman, University of Colorado, Boulder
"'A People-Warren for the King': Imagining the British Population 1660-1753"

Chair / Président : Rich Connors, Alberta


D8: The Novel in French Part I

Eric Annandale, Manitoba
"Candide ou la déconstruction d'un monde"

Glen Campbell, Calgary
"Culture matérielle et constructions libertines chez Godard d'Aucour"

Monique Glasgow, Western
"Du recyclage au XVIIIe siècle: l'expérience de Marivaux"

Chair / Président : Alexander Sokalski, Saskatchewan



Session / Séances


A9: Making Papers

Deborah McLeod, Victoria
"'Peek-a-boo Pictures and Printing Poulterers': Marketing the Text"

Alexander Sokalski, Saskatchewan
"Experimental Paper from the Paper Mill of Leorier Deslisle"

Chair / Présidente : Katherine Quinsey, Windsor


C10: Environmentalism and Eighteenth-Century Studies

John Coletta, Wisconsin
"Songs in Common: Narrative Ecology in Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry and John Clare's The Last Minstrel"

Richard Pickard, Alberta
"Beyond Neo-Romanticism: Environmentalism and Eighteenth-Century Studies"

Barbara Seeber, Brock
"'Suppose we all have a little gruel': Food Fights and Politics in Jane Austen's Emma"

Chair / Présidente : Leslie Robertson, Alberta


D11: The Novel in French Part II

Armelle Saint-Martin, Winnipeg
"De la nourriture chez Sade : clivages sociaux et sexuels"

Margarete Smith, Memorial
"Du lait pour les femmes, du vin pour les hommes, selon les convictions rousseauistes"

Judith Spencer, Augustana University College
"Du statut ontologique de l'objet esthétique : fabrication et dé-fabrication dans l'oeuvre lacloisienne"

Chair / Présidente : Vivian Bosley, Alberta



Sessions / Séances


A12: Frances Burney : Camilla and Comedies

Victoria Kortes-Papp, Laval
"'Not to be delivered till I am dead': Patterns of Madness in Camilla"

Diane Harris, Toronto
"Ugly Daughters and Unnatural Fathers in Burney's Camilla"

Noel Chevalier, Luther College, University of Regina
"Fanny among the Nabobs: India and Mercantilism in Frances Burney's A Busy Day"

Barbara Darby, Dalhousie
"'Old', and 'New' Money in Burney's Plays"

Chair / Président : Peter Sabor, Laval


C13: Philosophy, Religion, and Society

Kenneth Graham, Guelph
"Population Politics: Reviewing the Malthus-Godwin Contention in 1801 and 1820"

Peter Walmsley, McMaster
"Locke's New Atlantis"

Arlette Zinck, King's College
"'The Truth shall set you Free': The Experience of Intellectual Liberation in Late Seventeenth-Century Spiritual Autobiography"

Chair / Président : David Raynor, Ottawa


D14: German Literature Part II: A Panel in Honour of Alison Scott-Prelorentzos

Berenike Hoffman, Queen's
"Goethe's Comedy Die Mitschuldigen: Social Criticism and Blame"

Ellie Kennedy, Queen's
"In Search of a Sympathetic Soul: Rousseau and Werther"

Michael Wischnewsky, Queen's
"Doch, ich vergass dir zu danken himmlische Vorsicht: Die Verschwoerung des Fiesko zu Genua"

Chair / Présidente : Christa Fell, Queen's

Friday, September 18 / Vendredi 18 septembre


Sessions / Séances


A15: Print Culture and Literary Form Part II

Timothy Clark, Durham
"Orality, Literacy, and Literary Form"

Polly Fields, Lake Superior
"Our Indian Brothers: Synecdochic Missionaries in the Liminal Wilderness"

Chair and Respondent / Président et répondant : Christopher Fanning, CUNY


B16: Political Culture in the Eighteenth Century

James Bohun, Cambridge
"Harmony and Discord: The Politics of Music in Eighteenth-Century England"

Rich Connors, Alberta
"The Politics of Poverty in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England"

Carol Janigo, Alberta
"The Cultural Construction of Authority in British North America"

Carolee Pollock, Alberta
"Political Legitimacy in Post-Conquest Québec"

Chair / Président : Julian Martin, Alberta


C17: Public and Private Constructions of Sexuality/ies

Mary Ebos, York
"Spatiality: Public/Private Transparencies in the Eighteenth-Century Glass House"

Rebecca Shapiro, Westminster College
"Angles of a Prism: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, and Homophobia in Maria Edgeworth's Harrington"

Marianne Szlyk, Purdue
"Emma likes Harriet: Making the Private Publishable in Jane Austen's Emma"

Chair / Présidente : Tiffany Potter, Calgary


D18: Philosophie

Magdy Gabriel Badir, Alberta
"Le comte de Guibert et la réforme de l'armée au XVIIIe siècle"

Michel Bareau, Alberta
"Du grotesque subliminal dans les Letania de Dornn"

Benoît Melançon, Montréal
"Le salon contre la philosophie"

Chair / Présidente : Jane Rush, McMaster



Sessions / Séances


A19: The English Novel Part II

Gordon Fulton, Victoria
"'Of the nicest nature imaginable': Female Images of Credit in The Complete English Tradesman"

David Oakleaf, Calgary
"Disappointments of Centrality: Reading between Sarah Robinson Scott's Millenium Hall and The History of Sir George Ellison"

Judith Stuart, York
"Exercising Women in Eighteenth-Century Novels: Problems with 'Nature'"

Chair / Président : Adam Budd, York


C20: Household Economy

Karin Dannehl, Wolverhampton
"'To families furnishing kitchens': Advertising the Mundane in Eighteenth-Century England"

R.S. Krishnan, North Dakota
"Husbands, Husbandry and Household: The Economy of Smollet's Humphrey Clinker"

Anne Milne, McMaster
"Ideologies of Domestication in Mary Leapor's Man the Monarch"

Chair / Présidente : Betty Schellenberg, Simon Fraser


D21: The French Consulate Paper

Geneviève Artigas-Menant, Paris XII, Val de Marne
"La plume et les Lumières : le manuscrit, outil de progrès"

Chair / Président : Larry Bongie, UBC



Conference Luncheon and Plenary Adress

Beatrice Fink, Maryland
"Savoirs et saveurs"

Chair / Présidente : Marie Laure Girou Swiderski, Ottawa



Sessions / Séances


A22: Samuel Richardson

Lorne MacDonald, Calgary
"A Dreadful Dream: Transvaluation, Realization, and Literalization of Clarissa in The Monk"

Tiffany Potter, Calgary
"Writing Against his own Grain: Richardson and Masculinity"

Peter Sabor, Laval
"Pamela, Locke, and Domestic Tourism"

Chair / Présidente : Eleanor Ty, Wilfrid Laurier


B23: Social Class in Great Britain

Nicholas Hudson, UBC
"What was Samuel Johnson's Social Class?"

Maureen Hawkins, Lethbridge
"Eva and Strongbow: Ascendancy Claims to Irish Hegemony in Charles Shadwell's Rotherick O'Connor"

Chair / Présidente : Isobel Grundy, Alberta


C24: Science

John Baird, Toronto
"Divine Chemistry: The Chemical Essays of Richard Watson, DD, FRS"

Frans de Bruyn, Ottawa
"Sylvæ, Essays, and Georgics: The Generic Development of the Scientific Periodical in the Agricultural Sciences"

Chair / Président : Larry Bongie, UBC


D25: Culture matérielle et Canada

Bernard Andrès, UQAM
"Du haut fourneau au bistouri : itinéraire d'un mémorialiste canadien (1743-1815)"

A.J.H. Richardson, Parks Canada (delivered by Kathryn Merritt)
"Canada's First Garden Suburb: Seventeenth-Century Quebec's Bequest to the Eighteenth Century"

Chair / Président : Glen Campbell, Calgary



Sessions / Séances


A26: Fantasies or Facts? The Westerner's Fascination with Foreign Bodies

Claire Grogan, Bishop's
"'Unveiling Elizabeth Hamilton': Fantasies of a Female Orientalist"

Garry Retzleff, Bishop's
"Fantasies of the Harem: Male Desire and Male Anxiety"

Leslie Ritchie, McMaster
"'The Barber of Bristol and Other Disasters': Charles Burney's The Present State of Music Satirized"

Chair / Présidente : Eleanor Ty, Wilfrid Laurier


C27: Expanding Empire

Heather Harper, Alberta
"Defoe's Umbrella of Trade at Home and Abroad"

Megan Mills, York
"Rajah George Thomas of Tipperary and North India (1756-1803): A Singular, Turbulent Man"

Feisal Mohamed, Ottawa
"Technological Exchange and the Imperial Errand in George Cumberland's The Captive of Castle Sennarr"

Chair / Président : Adam Budd, York


D28: Eighteenth-Century Drama

Ken Brown, Grant McEwan College
"Dramatic Effect in Joseph Andrews"

Robert Eggleston, Okanagan University College
"Revelry and Rehearsal Plays"

Carol Hart, Alberta
"The Politics of Performance: Sarah Siddons and the Art of Impersonation"

Elizabeth Hollis-Berry, Alberta
"Female Rakes in Restoration Drama"

Chair / Président : Noel Chevalier, Luther College, University of Regina



Plenary Session / Séance plénière

James Marsh, Editor, The Canadian Encyclopedia
"Tous les savoirs du monde"

Chair / Président : Claude Couture, Alberta

Saturday, September 19 / Samedi 19 septembre


Sessions / Séances


A29: Women Writers

Gary Kelly, Alberta
"Bluestocking Feminism"

Chantal Lavoie, Toronto
"Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Poems by Eminent Ladies"

Lisa Vargo and Alison Muri, Saskatchewan
"On a Lady's Writing: Contexts/Hypertext"

Chair / Présidente : Jeannette Herrle-Fanning, CUNY


B30: Round Table on Western Subjectivity and Canadian Identity: Reappraising the Industrial Revolution

Claude Couture, Alberta
"The Industrial Revolution and Western Subjectivity"

Catherine Desbarats, McGill
"The Importance of the Eighteenth-Century Industrial Revolution in Canadian Historiography on the Eighteenth Century"

Yvan Lamonde, McGill
"The Image of the Eighteenth Century in Ninetheenth-Century History of Ideas in Québec"

Gilles Paquet and Jean-Pierre Wallot, Ottawa
"The Concept of 'Mentalité d'Ancien Régime'"

Chair / Président : Claude Couture, Alberta


C31: Materializing Community

April London, Ottawa
"Confederacies of Women in the Late Eighteenth-Century Novel"

Daniel Rabuzzi, Luther College, Iowa
"Commerce and Conduct in Eighteenth-Century Northern Europe: A Case Study from Germany"

Betty Schellenberg, Simon Fraser
"Dual or Duelling Communities? Frances Sheridan's Adventures in the Republic of Letters"

Chair / Président : David Oakleaf, Calgary


D32: Horticulture and Botanical Imperialism

Rosena Davison, Simon Fraser
"Herbalism in Eighteenth-Century France"

Jane Rush, McMaster
"Pomona, or the Study of Fruit-Bearing Trees in Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century France"

Michael Snyder, Alberta
"Bioethics: Joseph Banks and Botanical Imperialism"

Chair / Présidente : Elizabeth Hollis-Berry, Alberta



Sessions / Séances


A33: The Stuff of Life : Dress & Drink

Cecily Devereux, Alberta
"The Frivolous Distinction and its Aim: Dress and Ideology in Northanger Abbey"

Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, McGill
"'Do you understand muslins, Sir?': The Circulation of Ball Dresses in Evelina and Northanger Abbey"

Steven Cavan, Saskatchewan
"Small Beer and Great Beer: Brewing in the Eighteenth Century"

Chair / Président : John Baird, Toronto


B34: The Material Letter

Bonnie Herron, Alberta
"Discursive Dealings: An Old Ballad Monger Conducts Business in Unpublished Letters, 1799-1818"

Jeffrey Herrle, Alberta
"Construction with the 'cement of friendship': Richardson, Correspondence, and the Production of Clarissa'

Chair / Président : Don Nichol, Memorial


C35: Culture on Canvas

Alison Conway, Western
"The Courtesan in Restoration Culture"

David McNeil, Dalhousie
"Laguerre's Scenes of the Battle of Blenheim: Official Decoration and the Popular Press"

Juliette Merritt, McMaster
"Portrait Miniatures and Eighteenth-Century Fiction: Eliza Haywood and Jane Austen"

Chair / Président : Ronald Hatch, UBC


D36: Femmes écrivains

Olga Cragg, UBC
"Mme Benoist, blanchisseuse à Lyon, auteur à Paris"

Marie Laure Girou Swiderski, Ottawa
"Faut-il r'écrire l'histoire littéraire ? Quelques exemples au féminin"

Sante Viselli, Winnipeg
"Vittorio Alfieri, la comtesse d'Albany et le siècle des Lumières"



Plenary Session / Séance plénière

Michel Baridon, Université de Bourgogne
"The Cultural Historian and the Garden"

Chair / Président : Robert Merrett, Alberta



Sessions / Séances


A37: Poetry

Dave Buchanan, Nicola Valley Institute
"Pilkington, Pope, and the Uses of Satire"

Barbara Langhorst, Alberta
"Women's Poems of Retreat and Advance in the Eighteenth Century: Blount, Pilkington, and Brereton"

Leslie Robertson, Alberta
"'Twas a Famous Victory': The Battle of Blenheim and the Duke of Marlborough Celebrated in the Poetry of Prior, Addison, Philops, and Oldmixon"

Chair / Présidente : Katherine Binhammer, Alberta


B38: Enlightenment Embodiment: Bodies in the Long Eighteenth Century

Andew Barnicoat, Saskatchewan
"'A Mob of Metaphors': Representing the Collective Body"

Jann Fullenweider, Saskatchewan
"Madness Made Visible in the Enthusiast Body: Hogarth's Enthousiasm Delineated"

Allison Muri, Saskatchewan
"Figuring Machines: Metaphors of Man and Mechanism"

Reta Terry, Saskatchewan
"Physical Promise and Corporeal Politics: Honour and the Body in Cavendish and Behn"

Chair / Président : Raymond Stephanson, Saskatchewan


C39: Medicine and Science

Jeannette Herrle-Fanning, CUNY
"'The last recourse and only hope remaining': Anatomy, Manual Interventions and Professional Identity in Eighteenth-Century British Man-Midwifery"

Pam Lieske, Kent State
"Artificial Human Machines: Historical and Gender Considerations"

Chair / Président : Nicholas Hudson, UBC


D40: Société française

Hélène Cussac, Université Blaise-Pascal
"Bonheur et vie matérielle dans le Paris de Sébastien Mercier"

Ian Germani, Regina
"1792: Myths and Realities of the Nation-in-Arms"

Jacques Wagner, Université Blaise-Pascal
"Esthétique de la vie quotidienne dans le Dictionnaire philosophique de Voltaire"

Chair / Présidente : Marie Laure Girou Swiderski, Ottawa



Annual General Meeting / Assemblée annuelle des membres



Plenary Session / Séance plénière

Paul Rice, Memorial
"Musical Nationalism and the Vauxhall Gardens "

Chair / Présidente : Ursula Rempel, Manitoba


Sunday, September 20 / Dimanche 20 septembre


Sessions / Séances


A41: Organizing the Local Eighteenth-Century Studies Group: A Round Table

Glen Campbell, Calgary;

Larry Stewart, Saskatchewan;

Rob Merrett, Alberta;

Betty Schellenberg, SFU;

Jane Rush, McMaster;

Ray Stephanson, Saskatchewan.


C42: The Orlando Project: An Update

Patricia Clements, Alberta & Isobel Grundy, Alberta

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