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Memory and Identity: Past and Present
La mémoire et l'identité: le passé et le présent

Preliminary Program for the XXVIth Conference of the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies with/
Programme préliminaire du XXVIe Congrès de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle avec
The Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society

October 19-21, 2000/19-21 octobre 2000

Mercredi 18 octobre / Wednesday, October 18
(Colony Hotel)

Cash bar/ Cocktail payant


Executive Meeting/Réunion du bureau


Jeudi 19 octobre / Thursday, October 19
(Colony Hotel)


Session 1 / Séance 1

1. Scottish Women: Poetry, Nationalism and Politics

1. Murray, Julie. "The Science of Passion: Joanna Baillie, Late XVIII-Century Taxonomy and Personification"

2. Murray, Susan. "Standing at the Gate: Women, Ballads and Nationalism in XVIII-Century Scotland"

3. Rendall, Jane. "'Ladies suspected of Democratic Principles': Scottish women, Whig Politics, and Memories of the 1790s"


2. Cross-Identities: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Personal and the Political

1. Miller, Fiona. "Comment peut-on être Rousseau?"

2. Liddell, Erik. "Rousseau and the Meditative Tradition"

3. Dick, Alex. "Divisions of Labour, Intimations of Identity: Adam Smith and the Political Economy of Romantic Memory"


3. The English Stage

1. Copeland, Nancy. "Hannah Cowley's A School for Greybeards: The Second Life of The Lucky Chance"

2. Chevalier, Noel. "Mercantile Identity and Merchant Comedy: The Private Self and the XVIII-Century Stage"

3. Esin Akalin (University of Toronto). "History and Representation: Ottoman Turks on the Eighteenth-Century English Stage"

4. XVIII-Century Science and Education

1. Voskuhl, Adelheid. "Man a pensive Observer, God a Wise Creator, Earth a Self-Perpetuating Machine: James Hutton's Theory of the Earth in XVIII-Century Scottish Natural Philosophy"

2. Jones, Miriam. "William Hunter and William Cummin: The 'Partisan' and the 'Man of Science'"

3. Brandt-Butscher, Heiderose. "Lorenz Oken and 'Bildung': The Institutionalization of Science Education"


5. Three Poets of the Lower Ranks

1. Fairbanks, Megan. "Work, Writing and Masculinity: Stephen Duck's (Shifting) Poetic Identity"

2. Greene, Richard. "Mary Leapor: Some Versions of the Self"

3. Milne, Anne. "Caged Birds and Caged Women in Ann Cromartie Yearsley's The Captive Linnet (1796)"


Coffee Break/Pause café


Session 2 / Séance 2


1. Female Identities: Writers and Others

1. Bowerbank, Sylvia. "Eyam and 'Memory's Local Spell': Anna Seward as Environmental Writer"

2. Clark, Lorna J. "From the Margins to the Centre: The Spinster as Author, Narrator and Actor"

3. Geng, Li-Ping. "The Loiterer and Jane Austen's Literary Identity"

4. Reid-Walsh, Jacqueline. "Girls, Dolls and Doll Play in Late XVIII-Century England"

2. Ideas of Nationality

1. Krishnan, R. S. "Epistolic Narrative and the Epistemology of Nationalism: Memory and Identity in Goldsmith's Citizen of the World"

2. Palmer, Ellen B. "Ossian and Celtic Liberty"

3. Hallberg, Peter. "Interpreting Swedish History: Gustave III and the Radicals, 1769-1772"

4. Grove-White, Elizabeth. "Let Erin Remember: Identity, Culture, and Literacy in Ireland, 1750-1847"


3. Scottish Historians and Europe

1. Kontler, Lászlo. "William Robertson, Scottish histories and German Identities"

2. Gibson-Wood, Carol. "George Turnbull, William Ruat and the Teaching of Art History in XVIII-Century Scotland"

3. Fagg, Jane. "Adam Ferguson: Presenting History"

4. Kugler, Michael."Memory and Identity in Adam Ferguson's Roman Interpretation of the French Revolution"


4. Turgot et Diderot

1. Charles, Sébastien. "L'ontologie de Turgot: Identité, Mémoire, Répétition"

2. Knee, Philip. "Identité et dédoublement: Diderot est-il montanien dans le Neveu de Rameau?"

3. Belleguic, Thierry. "Mémoire et identité: Diderot lecteur de Sénèque ou comment peut-on être philosophe?"


5. Identity and the Classical Tradition

1. Santesso, Aaron. "What to Say About Dryden: Classical Education and the Individual Poet"

2. Burke, John. "Henry Fielding, Horace, and the Public Identity of an Author"

3. Berland, Kevin. "Biography Reinventing Identity: John Gilbert Cooper's Life of Socrates (1749)"

4. Perkins, Pamela. "Classical History and the Educated Woman"


Session 3 / Séance 3


1. Scottish Philosophers on Identity, Memory and Our Knowledge of the Past I

1. Stewart, M. A. "Clarke and Butler as Precursors of Reid on Personal Identity"

2. Loptson, Peter. "Reid on Locke on Personal Identity"

3. Fulton, Henry. "Problems of Memory in Moore's Memoir of Smollett (1797)"


2. Esprits libertins

1. Annandale. Eric. "Le roman libertin existe-t-il? Quelques réflexions sur une étiquette"

2. Person, Alain. "Suzanne Simonin, personnnage satirique de La Religieuse de Diderot"


3. Arthur Young: Agricultural Monomaniac?

1. Mohamed, Feisal G. "A Six Weeks' Tour and the Gentrification of Husbandry"

2. de Bruyn, Frans. "Arthur Young and Generic Change: From Topographical Views to Statistical Surveys"

3. Sayre, Laura B. "Arthur Young and the Practice of Agricultural Touring"


4. Remaking the Poetry of the Past and the Question of Originality

1. Kinsley, William. "Jacques Delille's L'Homme des champs, ou les géorgiques françaises: Georgic as Ars Poetica"

2. Gamble, D. R. "Stylisation and Dramatisation in the Bucoliques of André Chenier"

3. Kristmannsson, Gauti. "Translating Identities into the Amnesia of Originality"


5. Personality and Self in the Eighteenth Century

1.Turnbull, Gordon. "James Boswell: Remembering the Spoken and Speaking the Remembered"

2. Ireland, Dale Katherine. " Boswell as Author and Autobiographical Subject"

3. Hatch, Ronald B. "A Self-less Enlightenment?"


Coffee Break / Pause café


Session / Séance 4.


1. Scottish Philosophers on Identity, Memory and Our Knowledge of the Past II

1. Spector, Jessica. "Identity, Character and Cruelty: Some Remarks aboutHume's Account of Pride and His Character Portraits in the History of England"

2. Fechner, Roger. "Francis Hutcheson and Our Knowledge of the Past"

3. Wright, John P. "Hume on Character and Historical Change"


2. Historians and National Identities

1. Shashko, Philip. "Imagining the Nation: Bulgarian Identity and the Uses of the Past"

2. Smith, Dale. "Contemporaneity and Remoteness: The Sense of Temporality in Eighteenth-Century British Historiography"

3. Fattinger, Elisabeth. "Constructing Personal and National Identities: The Journals of Karl Graf Zinzendorf "

4. Xu, Guoqui. "Historical Memory and National Identity: The Case of China from 1793 to 1919"


3. Studies on Alexander Pope

1. Jennings, Christopher. "Metaphoric Subjects: Cowley's Pindarique Odes and Pope's Imitations of Horace"

2. Daniels, Rosemary. "Time and Identity in Two Poems by Alexander Pope"

3. Quinsey, Katherine. "Alexander Pope: Classicism, Catholicism, and the Construction of Nationhood"


4. Language, Satire and Madness

1. Alexander, Robert. "The Scriblerian's 'Double Mistress' and the Extraordinary Body of Language"

2. Michasiw, K. I. "Chatterton, Ossian, Africa"

3. Ingram, Allan. "Identifying the Insane: Madness and Marginality in the XVIII Century"

4. Percy, Carol. "The Letters of Martha Shakespeare Lloyd."


5. Rhetoric and Politics

1. Lock, F. P. "Sheridan's First Speech on the Begams of Oudh"

2. Crimmins, James E. "An Issue of Influence: Hobbes and Bentham"

3. Downes, Paul. "'The Time Hath Found Us': Thomas Paine's Revolutionary Temporality"

4. Cope, Kevin L. "George Washington After History: Problems, Joys, and Methodologies in Studying a Funeral that Was Larger than Life"

Opening of Conference / Ouverture du congrès

Plenary Session 1 / Séance Plénière 1
Réal Ouellet (Université Laval):

"Français canadiens ou Canadiens? Construction et mutation d'une identité"


Victoria University Reception / Réception à Université Victoria



Vendredi 20 octobre / Friday, October 20
(Colony Hotel)


Session 5 / Séance 5


1. Constructing Women's Identity in German Literature of the XVIII Century

1. Brooks, Candace. "Heavenly Creature: The Construction of the Character of Ottilie in Goethe's Die Wahlverwandtschaften--A Product of Goethe's View of Aesthetics and the Natural Sciences"

2. Henn, Marianne. "'Demure matron' and/or 'Mischievous Maiden': (Re-)Constructing an Identity. The Case of Benedikte Naubert"

3. Spokiene, Diana. "'Was bleibt [. . .] deinem Geschlecht anders übrig, als die List.' Adapting Female Identity Around 1800: Friederike Helene Unger"

4. Wust, Markus. "A Nation's Search for Identity and its Witness: Friederike von Riedesel's Die Berufsreise nach Amerika"


2. English Fiction of the Early XVIII Century

1. Glaser, Brigitte. "'Little Histories': A Reconsideration of the Theory and Practice of a Forgotten XVIII-Century Genre"

2. Reeves, Margaret. "History, Fiction, and Political Identity: The Treatment of Heroic Rebellion in Aphra Behn's Fiction"

3. Wilputte, Earla A. "'The Life of Witches': Revenge Tales in Delarivier Manley and Eliza Haywood"

4. Ahern, Stephen. "Sex, Sympathy and Sensibility in Haywood's Fiction"


3. History, Slavery, and Science in the Third Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica

1. Kafker, Frank. "The Notable Editing and Reception of the the Third Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica"

2. Sebastiani, Silvia. "Conjectural History vs. the Bible: XVIII-Century Scottish Historians and the Idea of History in the Encyclopædia Britannica"

3. Doig, Kathleen H. "The Question of Slavery in the Third Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica"

4. Morris, Ted. "Science in the Third Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica"


4. Issues of Professional Identity

1. Budd, Adam. "Research and Literary Identity: The Problem of Subscription Lists"

2. Merrett, Robert. "Problems of Self-Identity for the Literary Journeyman: The Case of Alexander Bicknell (d. 1796)"

3. O'Brien, David. "'Defenders of the Throne': XVIII-Century French Royal Guards Look to History to Define their Role"

4. Ott, Julia. ["The Establishment of Professional Identity by Businessmen in the United States, 1780-1830"]


5. Irish Identities

1. Hagen, Tanya. "'The Landscape of . . . Fact': Swift's 'Barbarous Denominations' and the Language of Nationhood in XVIII-Century Ireland"

2. Soud, Stephen E. "Minting National Identity: Swift, Locke, and the Monetary Roots of Irish Nationalism"

3. Montaño, J. Patrick. "Material Culture and the English Plantation of Ireland"

4. Hawkins, Maureen S. G. "More Irish than the Irish: Ascendancy Appropriation of Irish Identity in XVIII- Century Anglo-Irish Historical Drama"


Coffee Break / Pause café



Session 6 / Séance 6


1. Philosophical Approaches to Identity

1. Benzaquén, Adriana S. "Giving Birth to the Modern Self: Buffon and Rousseau on Childhood and Identity"

2. Garrett, Aaron. "'Reason is Nothing but a Wonderful and Unintelligible Instinct': Hume and Smellie on the Distinction Between Man and Beast"

3. Zakatistovs, Atis. "Identity and Metaphysics in Hume's Treatise"


2. La lecture et la littérature

1. Melançon, Benoît. "Sociabilités intellectuelles et lecture à haute voix au XVIIIe siècle"

2. Batlay, Jenny. "Music and Memory: A Pre-Proustian Theme in Jean-Jacques Rousseau"

3. Wagner, Jacques. "La Mémoire comme outil de reconstruction d'un Moi éclaté: Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire"

4. Chammas, Jacqueline. "Le clergé et l' inceste spirituel : vers une identité criminelle."


3. Issues of the Body

1. Janes, Regina. "Gay and Ariosto: Bouncing Heads"

2. Rush, Jane A. C. "D'Argenton's Testicles and the Hermaphrodite's Plight: Social and Sexual Identity in Venette's De la génération de l'homme, ou Tableau de l'amour conjugal (1702)"

3. Walmsley, Peter. "Radcliffe, Cadavers and the Sublime of Mourning"


4. Sympathy, Identity and Anglo-Scottish Nationalism

*1. Alker, Sharon. "The Geography of Sensibility: Wales, Anglo-Scottish Sympathy and Tobias Smollett"

2. Boe, Ana de Freitas. "'This Epidemic Desire of Wandering': The Travels and Travails of Scottish Nationalism"

3. Mitchell, Robert. "The Violence of Sympathy: Smith on Resentment and Executions"


5. Identity and Material Culture

1. Fizer, Irene. "The Fur Parasol: Hybrid Outfits and Masculine Dress in Robinson Crusoe"

2. Larsen, Katherine. "Morality Made Material: Production, Consumption and Female Virtue"

3. Nicholson, Robin. "From Ramsay's Flora MacDonald to Raeburn's MacNab: The Use of Tartan as a Symbol of Identity"

4. Hood, Adrienne. "Dress and Memory: The Construction of a Quaker Identity"


Session 7 / Séance 7


1. Authorship, Translation, and Vulgar Mathematics

1. Dybikowski, James. "Anonymous Satire and Authorial Identity: Pierre des Maizeaux and the Lettre d'un Gentilhomme de la Cour de St. Germains"

2. Léger, Benoît. "Projet traductionnel de Desfontaines dans le Gulliver et notes du traducteur"

3. Loveland, Jeff. "Panckoucke and the Circle-Squarers: An Episode in the History of Vulgar Mathematics"


2. History, Christian, Literary, and Philosophical

1. Cleary, Thomas R. "The Complementarities of 'Christian History': Mystery and Milton, Morality and Bunyan"

2. Mack, Ruth E. "Sublime Location: The Historical Author in Hurd's Letters on Chivalry and Romance"

3. Muri, Allison. "PoMo Presumption and Enlightenment History: The Case of the Man-Machine Trope; Or, Why Cyber-Theorists Need to Read La Mettrie and Swift"


3. Écriture et politique en France du XVIIIe siècle

1. Carr, Thomas M. "Managing the Memory of Port-Royal: The Transmission of the Texts of the Arnauld Abbesses"

2. Williams, David. "From Past to Future: Condorcet and the Human Odyssey"

3. Courtney, Cecil Patrick. "The Personal and the Political in the Writings of Benjamin Constant"


4. Frances Burney: Three Major Novels

1. Slater, Louise. "Mirvan and Lovel and Duval: The French Connection"

2. Kortes-Papp, Victoria. "Mrs. Delvile's Illness, Miss Beverley's Madness: Acting Out in Burney's Cecilia"

3. Seeber, Barbara. "'Accomplished Monkeys' in Frances Burney's Camilla"


5. Mirrors, Spaces and Fiction, English and French

1. Ansart, Guillaume. "Reflections in a Mirror: Representations of the Self in Three XVIII-Century French Novels"

2. Hymowitz, Ellen. "A Trick of Self-Consciousness: Two meubles à surprises Incorporating Mirrors"

3. Bhattacharya, Nandini. "Charlotte Smith's Architectures of Character: Feeling Visible"


Coffee Break / Pause café


Session 8 / Séance 8


1. Le roman français

1. Lee, Natasha. "Drinking to Forget: Amnesiac Identities in Rousseau's La Nouvelle Héloise"

2. Zawisza, Elisabeth. "Une vision de l'identité féminine dans le dialogue entre Laclos et Riccoboni"

3. Paray-Clarke, Geeta. "Roman féminin et dévirilisation: La Désacralisation du mythe masculin chez Madame de Charrière"

4. Saint-Martin, Armelle. "Médecine et images de la mort dans La Nouvelle Justine"


2. German Drama and Poetry

1. Schuster, Marc-Oliver. "G. E. Lessing's Synchronic and Diachronic Views on Identity and Memory"

2. Landgraf, Edgar. "Self-Positing Selves: Genius and Self-Identity in the Aesthetics of Storm and Stress"

3. Desmarais, Claude. "Genius as a Measure of German Bourgeois Culture from Its Origins to Its Demise"


3. Forging Scottish Identities in the XVIII Century

1. Stanley, Ford. "Memory and Identity: The Concept of Apostolicity in the Writings of the Glasite- Sandemanian Movement and the Development of Scottish Religious Dissent"

2. Campbell, Alexander Vance. "'One Common Hazard in the War They Shar'd': Scottish Officers, Royal Americans, and the Distention of British Identity"

3. Ralls, Marion. "Inside-out and Outside-in: Scottish Identity, Morality and the Family"

4. Andrews, Corey. "The Clubbable Bard: Sentimental Scottish Nationalism and Robert Burns"


4. Fictional Worlds

1. Spector, R. D. "Tobias Smollett's Fictional World"

2. Hartling, Shannon. "'All the Horrors of Friendship': Memory and the Consequences of Loss in David Simple and Volume the Last"

3. Shapiro, Rebecca. "'Reading Tristram Shandy': Self and Signification"

4. Wallace, T. G. "Writing the Colonial Experience: Smollett's Humphry Clinker and Wollstonecraft's Maria"


5. Place, History and Identity

1. Haskett, Robert. "History in the Landscape: The Sacred Dimensions of the Past in Mexican Primordial Titles, XVII and XVIII Centuries"

2. Davison, Rosena. "Changed Identity: Emigrés in England in the Revolutionary Period"

**3. Lanier, Gabrielle M. "Re-Inventing the Ancestral Map"

4. Wallace, Beth Kowaleski. "Restoring Slavery: The Bristol Slave Trade Trail"


Plenary Session 2 / Séance plénière 2 (FIS Auditorium)
Mark Phillips (University of British Columbia):

"A Short History of Distance: Enlightenment Historiography and Its Aftermath"

Opening of Book Exhibition and ECSSS Reception
Ouverture de l'exposition de livres and Réception de ECSSS (Fisher Library)


Samedi 21 octobre / Saturday, October 21
(Northrop Frye Hall, Victoria College)

Session 9 / Séance 9

1. Scots Abroad in London and North America

1.Oakleaf, David. "Ambition, Deference, and Disappointment: A Scotswoman's Literary (Mis)Fortunes in London"

2. Nichol, Don. "Satire, Scandal and Scots in The New Foundling Hospital for Wit"

3. Black, Fiona A. "Scottish Agents of the Press in Canada, 1750-1820: Cultural Proponents and Canny Businessmen"


2. Women Writing and Written About

1. Wood, Tanya. "Splintered Subjectivity and Fissured Feminism: Margaret Cavendish's Blazing World"

2. Byrne, Tracy. "Constructing the Poet and the King: Katherine Philips' Restoration Panegyrics"

3. Lavoie, Chantel M. "Writing Their Husbands: Philips, Finch, Rowe and Pilkington"

4. Whiting, Patricia. "Preserving Identity: Strategies of Commemorating the Dead in the Ladies' Magazine,



3. Scotland and the Dutch: Borrowings and Changes

1. Mijers, Esther. "Scots in the Dutch Republic: Utrecht in the Late XVII Century"

2. Skoczylas, Anne. "From Covenanting to Moderation: The Dutch Contribution"

3. Emerson, Roger. "The Third Duke of Argyll, Holland, and Scotland"


4. Topoï de l'identité française

1. Moser-Verrey, Monique. "Topoï des identités nationales dans la nouvelle française du XVIIIe siècle"

2. Bernier, Marc André. "Aux sources du discours critique: tradition rhétorique et invention d'une parole pamphlétaire dans le Québec des Lumières"

3. Nabarra, Alain. "'Des sentiments créoles, américains et républicains': la formation d'une identité coloniale dans les colonies françaises à la fin du XVIIIe siècle"

4. Girou Swiderski, Marie Laure. "Langage, Écriture et identité féminine dans les Lettres d'une péruvienne de Mme de Graffigny"


5. Music, Civic, Patriotic, and Pastoral

1.Reul, Barbara. "'Baroque Memory and (pre-)Classical Identity: Hamburg's Civic Music Director Georg Philipp Telemann and His Oratorio The Times of the Day"

2. Rice, Paul F. "Eighteenth-Century British Patriotic and Political Cantatas"

3. Ritchie, Leslie. "Some Airs Put Us in Mind of the Country: The Audible Pastoral in British Women's Songs, 1740-1800"

4. Paetsch, Annabelle. "Chopin's `Marche funèbre', Beethoven and C. P. E Bach: Reflections on Identity"


6. "Who's There?": The Problem of Voice in XVIII-Century Writing

1. Tadié, Alexis. "Gulliver's Voice/Gulliver's Pen"

2. Taivalkoski, Kristiina. "Is There Anybody in There? Translators and Editors as Manipulators of a Literary Text"

3. Fulton, Gordon. "Free Indirect Discourse in Millennium Hall"

4. Richter, David. "Speaking Subalterns and Scribbling Colonists: Narrative Voice in Castle Rackrent"


Coffee Break / Pause café



Plenary Session 3 / Séance plénière 3
Margaret Anne Doody (University of Notre Dame):

"'A Good Memory is Unpardonable': Self, Love and the Irrational Irritation of Memory"


Session 10 / Séance 10


1. Female Authorship: Frances Burney and Elizabeth Hamilton

1. Schellenberg, Betty A. "Authorship as Propensity or Profession? The Case of Frances Burney"

2. Nadler, Janna. "A Courageous Damsel: Patterned Responses to Danger and Distress in Frances Burney's Letters and Journals"

3. Grogan, Claire. "The Economic Cost of Sexual Emancipation: The Politics of Life-Writing in Elizabeth Hamilton's Fiction"


2. Science, Philosophy, and the Scottish Enlightenment

1. Tropea, Savina. "The Possible Sources of Thomas Reid's Geometry of Visibles"

2. Withers, Charles W. J. "The Social Nature of Mapping in the Scottish Enlightenment"

3. Wood, Paul. "Thomas Reid, Science, and the Glasgow Enlightenment"


3. Art and Architecture in the XVIII Century

1. Sokalski, Alex. "Travelling, Writing and Painting: Boufflers' Voyage en Suisse"

2. Kennedy, Deborah. "The Ruined Abbey in the XVIII Century"

3. Schulz, Andrew. "Goya and the Duchess of Osuna: Fashioning a Cultural Identity in Enlightenment Spain"


4. History, Empire, Apocalypse

1. Motsch, Andreas. "History, Memory and Primitivism in Vico"

2. Pollock, Grace. "Imperial Discourse and the Sentimental Gaze in Mary Wollstonecraft's Scandinavian Letters (1796)"

3. Millner, Jacqueline. "Coleridge and Novalis, Poet-Narrators of the Late XVIII Century"


5. "Britishness" in Colonial America and the Scottish Highlands

1. Landsman, Ned. "American Transculture and the Divisions of Britain; Or, Putting the British Back in Colonial British America"

2. Wilson, David R. "An Outpost of Empire: Burt's Letters, Highland Identity, and Colonial Discourse"

3. Gottlieb, Evan. "Narrating the Nation: (Re)Writing History in Waverley"


6. Le drame français

1. Woodward, Servanne. "Masking Class Distinctions: Marivaux's Island Plays"

2. Brillaud, Jérôme. "Spectacle tragique et tragédie spectaculaire: Pour une nouvelle identité du genre au XVIIIe siècle"

3. Campbell, Glen. "Mémoire affective et identité collective dans Figaro de retour à Paris"


Coffee Break / Pause café


Session 11 / Séance 11


1. Street Plans and Transactions with the Past

**1. Hudson, Nicholas. "Architecture and the Political Identity of Georgian London"

2. Scheil, Katherine West. "The Ghost of Shakespeare on the Early XVIII-Century Stage"

3. Coutu, Joan. "Warts and All: Epicurean Thought and the Classical Bust in XVIII-Century England"

4. Macpherson, Jay. "The Ashmolean Sphinx"


2. Cultural Crossings in North America

1. Potter, Tiffany. "The Other Indian: XVIII-Century Constructions of Indigenous Femininity"

2. Glover, Susan. "The Conquered Fame of Heroes: Remembering Robert Rogers"

3. Fields, Polly S. "The Forked Tongue: The Chippewa-Ojibway Métis, Jane Johnson Schoolcraft, and Her Transcultural Voices of Satire"


3. Women Writers: Questions of Identity

1. Catto, Susan. "Sibling and Self: Sarah Fielding's Literary Identity"

2. Magrath, Jane. "Corporeal Correspondence: The Sick Body in the Bluestocking Letters"

3. Faubert, Michelle. "Wollstonecraft, Madness, and the Rights and Wrongs of Woman"

4. King, Shelley. "The [Literary] Lion in Winter: The Double Identity of Amelia Opie"


4. L'historiographie française avant la Révolution et le devenir de l'Histoire

1. Charbonneau, Frédéric. "Les identités rétrospectives du duc de Saint-Simon"

2. Grenier, Chantal. "L'écriture par tableau ou la perspective de l'histoire selon Voltaire"

3. Sauvé, Rachel. "La pratique de l'écriture mémorialiste au féminin: Souvenirs et Mémoires deMesdames de Caylus et de Staal Delaunay"


5. Memory in the Shaping of Ukrainian National Identity

1. Sysyn, Frank. "Recovering the Recent Past: The XVIII Century and the Khmelnytsky Uprising"

2. Kohut, Zenon. "Ukraine and Deconstruction of Russian National Historiography"

3. Tolochko, Olexiy. "Mapping Golden Kiev"

4. Koznarsky, Taras. "Memory and Identity in Early Romantic Ukrainian Poetry"


6. The Mind and the World from Locke to Stewart

1. Simmons, Patricia. "John Locke, Memory, and Narratives of Origin"

2. Valihora, Karen. "The Figure in the Mirror: Shaftesbury's Advice to an Author"

3. Allentuck, Marcia. "New Approaches to Adam Smith in the New Century"

4. Mortera, Emanuele Levi. "Science of Mind, Language and Society in the Works of Dugald Stewart"


CSECS: General Meeting / SCEDHS : Assemblée générale

ECSSS: General Meeting

(Colony Hotel)


Cash Bar / Cocktail payant




End of Conference / Fin du congrès

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