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La machine, l'automatisme, le système

20-23 October 2004
London, Ontario


Wednesday, 20 October 2004 / Mercredi le 20 octobre

Conron Hall, University College Building, UWO Campus, dans la salle Conron Hall, Bâtiment University College, Campus de l'Université Western Ontario

4:30PM-5:00PM Official Welcome/Discours de réception

Angela Esterhammer,Dean of Arts (UWO), Doyenne des arts et Jeff Tennant, Chair of the Department of French (UWO), Directeur du  Département de français. Servanne Woodward for the Organizing Committee (UWO), organisatrice principale

5:00PM-7:00PM Sessions I

Session I.i: Automatismes et mécanisme / Automatism and Mechanism, table ronde organisée par Syliane Malinowski-Charles (Philosophy, Princeton) et Sébastien Charles (Philosophie, Sherbrooke). Chaired by Tom Lennon (Philosophy, UWO)

"Traces du mécanisme cartésien au XVIIIe siècle: le cas de l'animal- machine" Sébastien Charles (Philosophie, Sherbrooke)

"Les automatismes mentaux entre rationalisme et empirisme: le cas de l'habitude" Syliane Malinowski-Charles (Philosophy, Princeton)

"Newton's Concept of Matter in De aere et aethere" Laura Benítez Grobet (Philosophy, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico)

"Newton's and Berkeley's Constructive Scepticism"  José Antonio Robles (Philosophy, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico)

Session I. ii: Eighteenth-Century Women and Men Meet the Machine: chaired by Jane Toswell (English, UWO)

"The Animal Spirit of the Man-Machine: Sexuality and Animality in the Materialisms of La Mettrie and Sade" Lauren Craig Stephen (English, McMaster)

"The Woman Machine" Allison Muri (English, Saskatchewan)

6:00PM-7:30PM Réunion de l'Exécutif / Meeting of the Executive Committee followed by 8:00PM dinner at the Jewel of India

Thursday, 21 October 2004 at the Station Park Inn / Jeudi, le 21 octobre à l'hôtel Station Park Inn

8:30AM-10AM Sessions II

Session II.i: Les rouages et ressorts / Springs and Wheels: chaired by Emma Laval (French, UWO)

"Deus ex machina in the philosophy of George Berkeley" Adrian Mioc (Comparative Literature, UWO)

"Ressusciter les morts: du galvanisme et de la 'machine à fantômes'" Emmanuelle Sauvage (French, Waterloo)

"Diderot et les 'machinistes' du théâtre" Peter Hynes (English, Saskatchewan)

Session II.ii: Emotion & Enthusiasm and the Problem of Truth: chaired by Syliane Malinowski-Charles (Philosophy, Princeton)

"'With all due deference': Sensibility, History, and Opie's 'Epistles, Supposed to be Addressed by Mary, Queen of Scots'"  Shelley King (English, Queen's)

"'Roman drops from British eyes': Imperial Imitation in Addison's Cato" Andrew Moore (English, UWO)

"Locke and the Language of Enthusiasm" Rebecca A. Tierney-Hynes (English, Toronto)

"John Locke and the Molyneux Problem" Jean-Pierre Schachter (Philosophy, Huron University College)

Session II.iii: Pope, Swift, and Poetry

"Beer Goggles: Alcohol in Augustan Poetry" Christopher Hall (English, Toronto)

"Pope's Visionary Poetry of the 1730's: The Rhetoric of Natural Phenomena in the Epistles to Several Persons" Roseanne S. Carrara (English, Toronto)

"'The Air of a Secret': Scandal, Fetishism, and the Politics of Reading in The Rape of the Lock"  Grace Pollock (English and Cultural Studies, McMaster)

"The Text-breeding Machine in the Garden: The Knockout Mouse, Reproductive Technology, and the Anxieties of Jonathan Swift" Susan Paterson Glover (English, Toronto)

10:00AM-10:30AM Coffee Break

10:30AM-12AM Sessions III

Session III.i: Les philosophes: Catherine Gallouët (French and Francophone Studies, Hobart and William Smith Colleges), présidente de session

"Les notions de machine et de mécanisme: condition et possibilité des métaphores de la machine dans la pensée de l'âge classique" Jean-Luc Martine (Sciences de l'homme, U de Caen)

"Machines sensibles: sensualisme 'métaphysique' et prolongement physologique chez Condillac, La Mettrie et Diderot" Mitia Rioux-Beaulne (Philosophie, Montréal)

"Kierkegaard, ses pseudonymes et ses mécanismes d'écriture" Dominic Desroches (Philosophie, Montréal / Centre for Etik og Ret, Copenhagen);

"Le Scepticisme de Rousseau" Marc-André Nadeau (Philosophie, Laval)

Session III.ii: Grafted Genres: chaired by Christine Roulston (French, UWO)

"The Personal is Political: Reading Love-Letters as Political Satire" Margaret Reeves (Liberal and Professional Studies, York)

"Convention as Commentary in Edward Ravenscroft's The Careless Lovers" Robert Eggleston (English, Okanagan U College)

"Relations and Relativity in Tristram Shandy and Evelina" Eric Miller (English, Victoria)

"The Infidel Convicted: an Argument for Richardson's Authorship" Gordon Fulton (English, Victoria)

Session III.iii: Machines & Images: chaired by Servanne Woodward (French, UWO)

"Epicurus meets Pythagoras and Cromwell is down the hall: Whig ideologies and 'rememoration' in eighteenth-century England" Joan Coutu (Fine Arts, Waterloo)

"Mechanical Images, the Visualization of the Past and 18th-Century Universal History" Anne-Marie Link (Art History, Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta)

1:30PM-2:30PM Plenary Session:

"La constitution d'une mémoire de la fin de l'Ancien Régime 1789-1815" Jean-Jacques Tatin Gourier (Français / Histoire, Université de Tours), Servanne Woodward (French, UWO), présidant

2:45PM-4:15PM Sessions IV

Session IV.i: Roman experimental: Christine Roulston (French, UWO), présidente de séance

"Machine et fiction romanesque: l'exemple de Révéroni de St. Cyr" Santé Viselli (French, Winnipeg)

"Le roman aux sentiers qui bifurquent. Publication périodique et algorithmesromanesques" Ugo Dionne (Etudes françaises, Université de Montréal)

Session IV.ii: Medical Mechanisms: chaired by Sandra Parmegiani (Modern Languages, UWO)

"'Good-natur'd Dick' & the Yard-Machine: Mechanical Genitalia and the Auto-Pego" Raymond Stephanson (English, Saskatchewan)

"The Human Body in a State of War: Spleen, Hypochondria, and Melancholy" Sandra Parmegiani (Modern Languages, UWO)

"Adam Smith and David Hume on Systems of Nature and Philosophy's Therapeutic" Neil McArthur (Philosophy, U of Southern California)

"Barometer Rising: Giuseppe Antonio Pujati's Method of Determining the Health of the Litterati in Venice" Susan Dalton (Histoire, Montréal)

Session IV.iii: Reading Goethe Today: chaired by David G. John (German and Slavic Studies, Waterloo)

"Robert David MacDonald's Faust in Glasgow" (1985)  Viktoriya Melnykevych (German and Slavic Studies, Waterloo)

"The First Faust Performance in China" (1994) Hanna Lin (German and Slavic Studies, Waterloo)

"Boris Yuchanow's and Dmitriy Bogomasow's Ukranian and Russian Fausts in Moscow" --1999 Tetyana Drashkaba (German and Slavic Studies, Waterloo)

"The Kathakali: Faust in India (1978-2002)" David G. John (German and Slavic Studies, Waterloo)

4:30PM-6:00PM Sessions V

Session V.i: Constructions fictives: Ugo Dionne (Etudes françaises, Université de Montréal) président de séance

"'Balance égale': Did Physics Enlighten Politics?" Kristina Piechura (Munk Center for International Studies, Toronto);

"Le bonheur de L'Homme-machine" Lydie Vaucouleur (Sociologie, Montréal)

"L'écriture de l'autre au féminin dans trois récits de femmes: Les Lettres d'une péruvienne, les Lettres de Mistriss Henley et Ourika" Marie-Hélène Chabut (French, Lehigh University)

"La machine défaillante" Michèle Bocquillon (Romance Languages, Hunter CUNY)

Session V.ii: Death in the Machine: chaired by Servanne Woodward (French, UWO)

"A Question of Suffering: Polite Taste and Depictions of Death" Shannon Hartling (English, Waterloo)

"When the Machine Stops: Marking Death in the Enlightenment" Peter Walmsley (English, McMaster)

"Bodies Sexual, Maternal, and Dead: Birth, Masculine Honour, and Childbirth in Eliza Haywood" David Oakleaf (English, Calgary)

"Curiosity and Punishment: Imagining Death in Joanna Baillie's Rayner (1804)" Julie Murray (English, Toronto)

Session V.iii: Goethe Today: [following from the previous session IV.iii] chaired by Eric Miller (English, Victoria) & Machine, Body, and Gender in German Literature around 1800, organized by Karin Barton (Languages and Literatures, Wilfrid Laurier)

"Poetry, Criticism and the Law: Mara Zalite's Play, Margarete (1998)" Karin Barton (Languages and Literatures, Wilfrid Laurier)

"The Synthetic Woman as a Projection and Mirror Reflection for the Construction of Bourgeois Masculinity in Friederike Helene Unger's
Fairy Tale "Prinz Bimbam. Ein Mährchen für Alt und Jung" Birte Giesler (German, U of Karlsruhe)

"Literature, Machines, and Animation around 1800: Jean Paul's Early Prose and E.T.A. Hoffmann's Novel The Sandman" Eva M. Kormann (German, U of Karlsruhe)

8:00PM-11:00PM Graduate meeting organized by Stéphanie Massé (Français, Québec à Trois-Rivières) and Valérie Prat (French, UWO)

Friday, 22 October 2004 (Station Park Inn)


8:30AM-10:00AM Sessions VI

Session VI.i: Machines et savoirs appliqués des Lumières: chaired by Philippe Despoix (Etudes françaises, Université de Montréal)

"Art mécanique ou art libéral? Le discours des Lumières sur la gravure et la reproductibilité technique de l'image" Stéphane Roy (French, Toronto)

"Machine et mécanique du corps: l'apprentissage de la gestuelle polie au XVIIIe siècle" Audrée-Isabelle Tardif (French, Concordia)

"Horloge ou sextant? Enjeux d'une controverse autour de l'orientation géographique" Philippe Despoix (Etudes françaises, Université de Montréal)

"Weichet, ihr verdikte Schatten ('Be Gone, ye thick shadows'), 1745: A German Wedding Serenata for Catherine the Great" Barbara Reul (Music, Regina)

Session VI.ii: Travel and Reports: chaired by Henri Boyi (French, UWO)

"Detecting Fraud in George Psalmanazar and James Bruce: Travel Codes, Utility, and Credibility in the Eighteenth Century" Susan Lamb (English, Toronto)

"Staging Savagery: Fictionalizing Ethnography in Robert Roger's Ponteach: A Tragedy" Tiffany Potter (English, UBC)

"Who Cares if Homer was Illiterate?: Robert Wood's Mediterranean Travels and the Historicist Understanding of Classical Texts"  John Sachs (English, Concordia)

Session VI.iii: Mechanical Frances Burney: chaired by Julie Park (English, McMaster)

"A 'Vision' of Automatism in Frances Burney's Camilla"  Kelly McGuire (English, UWO)

"Perpetual Abjection: Frances Burney and Cox's Mechanical Pineapple" Julie Park (English, McMaster)

"Frances Burney d'Arblay, Alexander d'Arblay and the Mechanical Turk" Peter Sabor (English, McGill)

10:30AM-12:00 Sessions VII

Session VII.i: Avatars mécaniques de la création: Marc-André Bernier (Français, Québec à Trois Rivières) président de session

"Mécaniques Sexuelles: comportements automatiques dans le roman libertin du XVIIIème siècle" Dorothée Polanz (Français, Strasbourg)

"Machines à rêves: l'imaginaire du théâtre classique d'après les planches de l'Encyclopédie" Guy Spielmann (French, Georgetown)

"Sade républicain: idées sur quelques mécanismes et machinations politiques" Martin Nadeau (French, MIT)

Session VII.ii: Editing/Publishing: chaired by Lisa Zeitz (English, UWO)

"The Problem with Profit: Commerce and the Periodical Essay" Tedra Osell (English, Guelph)

"'That unweary'd mill': Technology and Creation in Pope and Dryden" Katherine M. Quinsey (English, Windsor)

"Shakespearean Character and Newtonian Law in the Work of Eighteenth-Century Shakespeare Editors" Gefen Bar-On (English, McGill)

Session VII.iii: Production and Consumption in Comedy and Satirical Modes: chaired by John Baird (English, Toronto)

"'These Little Wooden Actors and Their Primum Mobile': or, Fielding's Puppet Proscenium in The Author's Farce" Darryl P. Domingo (English, Toronto)

"The Learned Pig and the Swinish Multitude: Still Troubling the Public Sphere" Paul Keen (English, Carleton U)

"Laughing Matters: Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer (1773) and De Angelis's A Laughing Matter (2002)" Cameron McFarlane (English, Nipissing)

"Sentimental and Laughing Comedy Revisited: An Early Theory of Cultural Production and Reception" Conrad Brunstrom (English, National U of Ireland Maynooth)

1:30PM-2:30PM Plenary Session

"Sentimentalism, Mechanism, and the Novel" Thomas Keymer (English, Oxford) presided by Peter Sabor (English, McGill)

2:45PM-4:15PM Sessions VIII

Session VIII.i: Histoire/History: Alain Goldschläger (French, UWO) président de scéance

"What is the Enlightenment?: Investigating the Origins and Ideological Uses of an Historical Category" Nicholas Hudson (English, UBC)

"The Rise of Academic Societies" Pierre J. Boulos (Computer Science, Windsor)

"Of Synthetic Marble and Anatomical Machines: the invention of Raimondo di Sangro, Principe de San Severo" Clorinda Donato (French & Italian, California State U--Long Beach)

"Les arts mécaniques dans la franc-maçonnerie au XVIIIe siècle" Jacques Ch. Lemaire (Lettres Romanes, Bruxelles)

Session VIII.ii: Music: chaired by Laté Lawson-Hellu (French, UWO)

"Louis Guillemain's Conversations Galantes as a Model for Polite Conversation" Sonja Boon (Women's Studies, Simon Fraser)

"The Figure of Sarastro ('The Magic Flute', 1791, text by Emanuel Schikaneder)"Jay Macpherson (English, Toronto)

"Joseph Haydn's Operas: To Please and to Teach" Patricia Debly (Music, Brock)

"A Picture of Paris taken in the Year 1790" Paul F. Rice (Music, Memorial U of Newfoundland)

Session VIII.iii: English Novels: chaired by Alison Conway (English, UWO)

"Women and City Spaces: Street Walking in Novels of the 1790s" Martha Musgrove (English, Ottawa)

"'The Dupes and Fools of Women: Richardson's Libertines and Female Sexual(ized)Response" Kate Goldie (English, Saskatchewan)

"Oblig'd to Disclose the Greatest Secrets: Moll Flanders and the Eighteenth-Century Secret History" Noelle Gallagher (English, Chicago)

"Reputation and Pride in Henry Fielding's Novels" Yoshihiro Shiratori (English, Visiting Professor Toronto)

4:30PM-6:00PM Sessions IX

Session IX: i La période révolutionnaire: Thierry Belleguic (Français, Laval), président de séance

"Les changements dans les mécanismes du pouvoir avant et après la Révolution Française" Loredana Mioc (French, UWO)

"La France foutue: portrait lubrique et royaliste de la Révolution Française" Stéphanie Massé (Français, Québec à Trois-Rivières)

Session IX.ii: German Women

"Fashionable Machines in the Journal des Luxus und der Moden (1788- 1827): the Aesthetics of Household Goods" Angela Borchert (Modern Languages, UWO)

"Antiquity on Tip Shoes: Fashionable Shoes in the Journal des Luxus und der Moden" Angela Borchert (Modern Languages, UWO) and Kelly Olson (Classical Studies, UWO)

Session IX.iii: Letters and Sciences: chaired by Pam Perkins (English, Manitoba)

"Publican, Poet and Proto-Social Scientist: Ned Ward and the Pre-history of Sociology" Tanya M. Cassidy (Sociology/Anthropology, Windsor)

"Redeeming the Machine: Contrary Technologies in William Blake's Illuminated Books" John Pierce (English, Queen's)

"Those Daring Young Men in their Flying Machines: Experiments in Heavier-than-air Flight before 1800" John Baird (English, Toronto)


Emma Donaghue reading from her novel Life Mask, followed by a presentation by the Department of English (UWO), a reduced version of a production of Buckingham's The Rehearsal (1671), a play directed by Joanna Devereux.

Aside from being very funny, The Rehearsal has made at least two important contributions to English comedy: first, it established the burlesque tradition of the rehearsal play, a tradition more recently seen in, for example, Michael Frayn's Noises Off and David French's Jitters. Second, its manic parody of heroic tragedy marks an early (perhaps the earliest?) example of the kind of satire deployed in late twentieth-century television comedy such as Monty Python's Flying Circus, Second City, Saturday Night Live, Blackadder, and The Simpsons; and satirical films like Galaxy Quest and the Austin Powers series.

Like these late manifestations of satire, Buckingham's play parodies something we all think we could live without: theater that reaches too ambitiously towards great achievement while falling through weak writing, poor acting, and a general disconnection from anything resembling, as Johnson in the play says, "thinking and sense." As a satire, the play is carnivalesque in Bakhtin's sense of the word: it is full of parodic doubles, it features crownings and uncrownings, and the laughter it provokes recalls the freedom and frankness that Bakhtin identifies with both Menippean satire and the carnival folk culture. Henri Bergson said that "laughter is incompatible with emotion. . . .It is, above all, a corrective." Our production of this condensed version of the play aims to administer this corrective as painlessly as possible, underlining the liberating absurdity of the text while highlighting the essential and redeeming silliness of the stage.

Théâtre L'on Donne, extraits des Journaux de Marivaux: Première feuille; Deuxième feuille; Troisième feuille; Seizième feuille du Spectateur Français; extrait de L'île des esclaves. Acteurs: Henri Boyi, David Heap, Nicolás Vicencio-Heap, Dan Perry, Lena Lô.

Saturday, 23 October 2004 (University of Western Ontario Campus)


8:30AM-10:00AM Sessions X

Session X.i: Colloque Grouchy I: Marc-André Bernier (Français, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) et Deidre Dawson (French, Michigan State U)

"Les Lettres sur la sympathie (1798) de Sophie de Grouchy" Deidre Dawson (French, Michigan State U)

"Politique et rhétorique des émotions physiques de l'âme chez Sophie de Grouchy" Marc-André Bernier (Français, Université du Québec à Trois-

"L'enfance de la sympathie: réflexions sur la quatrième lettre" Thierry Belleguic (Français, Laval)

Session X.ii: Roger Emerson (History, UWO; ECSSS) chairing the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society Session

"Enlightened Readers and 'Republican Machines' in Post-Revolutionary Philadelphia" Nina Reid-Maroney (History, Windsor)

"Tracing Hume in Eighteenth-Century American Book Catalogues" Mark Spencer (History, Brock)

"Scottish Books in America in the 18th Century" Warren McDougall (The Edinburgh Book History Project)

Session X.iii: Sciences and Literature: chaired by John Baird (English, Toronto)

"Scientific Amusements: Literary Representations of the Birmingham Lunar Society" Pam Perkins (English, Manitoba)

"Fables of the Bees: Species as an Intercultural Discourse in Eighteenth-Century Scientific and Literary Texts" Anne Milne (English, McMaster)

"The Scientist as Novelist: The Case of William Marshall's Minutes of Agriculture" Frans de Bruyn (English, Ottawa)


11:00-12:00 Plenary Session

"The Novel as Matrix Apparatus" John Bender (Comparative Literature, Stanford) presided by Mark McDayter (English, UWO)

12:15-1:30 Lunch

1:30PM-3:00PM Sessions XI

Session XI.i: Colloque Grouchy II: Marc-André Bernier (French, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) et Deidre Dawson (French, Michigan State U)

"D'une traduction de Smith à l'autre: une nouvelle conception de la moralitéchez Sophie de Grouchy" Michel Malherbe (Philosophie, Nantes)

"Spectacle et action. La sympathie et la construction de la morale" Daniel Dumouchel (Philosophie, Montréal)

Session XI.ii: Table ronde: Echos du 18e siècle français pour les auteurs francophones de l'Afrique contemporaine: Arlette Chemain
(Littérature Comparée, Nice)

"Ecrasons l'infâme! Un Voltaire américain: Mongo Béti" Roger Chemain (Français, Nice)

"Ecritures francophones d'Afrique subsaharienne et Voltairianisme: YamboOuologulem, Mongo Béti, Henri Lopes, A. Kourouma" Arlette Chemain (Littérature Comparée, Nice)

"Machines et esclavage: Monstres, fétiches et ombres au siècle des Lumières" Zacharie Petnkeu Nzepa (French and Italian, Maryland)

"Echos du Contrat social chez Soni Labou Tansi" Servanne Woodward (French, UWO)

Session XI.iii: Strategies in Remembering the Past

"Verbalization and Power in Mary Hays' Memoirs of Emma Courtney" Sylvia Hunt (Anglais, McGill)

"Elizabeth Hamilton as Historiographer: Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina: Wife of Germanicus (1804)" Claire Grogan (English, Bishop's)

"Literary History, Bibliomania, and Antiquarianism in the Late Eighteenth Century" April London (English, Ottawa)

Session XI.iv: Book Publishing, Book Culture: chaired by Adam Budd (English,Edinburgh)

"Editing the Correspondence of Andrew Millar (1705-1768)" Adam Budd (English, Edinburgh)

"Pilers and Compilers: Early Modern Systems of Collecting Authors" Chantel Lavoie (English, Toronto)

"Retooling the Text Machine: Eighteenth-Century Books, Hypermedia, and the Textual Encoding Initiative" Mark McDayter (English, UWO)

"Millar v. Taylor: a Pyrric Victory for Perpetual Monopoly" Don Nichol (English, Memorial U of Newfoundland)

Organizing Committee:

Servanne Woodward (French, UWO)
Mark McDayter (English, UWO)
Lisa Zeitz (English, UWO)
Angela Borchert (Modern Languages, UWO)
Alain Goldschläger (French, UWO)
Roger Emerson (History, UWO; & Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies
Society)Henry Boyi (French, UWO)
Christine Roulston (French, UWO)
Jane Toswell (English, UWO)
Sandra Parmegiani (Modern Languages, UWO)
Emma Laval (French, UWO)
Loredana Mioc (French, UWO)
Robin Craig (French, UWO)

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