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ASECS 2023 Caucus and Affiliate Society Session Proposals

The deadline for ASECS caucuses and affiliate and regional societies to propose sessions for the 2023 ASECS Annual Meeting in St. Louis is fast approaching. Submission details can be found at this link: For the last few cycles, ASECS has asked that caucuses and affiliate and regional societies submit their proposals for guaranteed sessions before the open call for session submissions. This allows ASECS to share with the membership details about the guaranteed sessions, so that they don't spend time proposing sessions that are overly similar. The 2023 ASECS Annual Meeting will include guaranteed sessions sponsored by caucuses and affiliate societies. Caucuses may propose two (2) and affiliate and regional societies may propose one (1) guaranteed session.

CSECS/SCEDHS members who wish to submit a session proposal can do so by sending it by email to before April 20th for adjudication.

Session proposals must include the following:

  • Proposed Session Title

  • Organizer's Name(s) and Affiliation(s)

  • Sponsoring Caucus, Affiliate, or Regional Society

  • A confirmation that the organizer is a current member of ASECS. (Only current ASECS members may propose sessions.)

  • Session Format: (Paper, Poster Session, Roundtable, Other?)

  • Description (250 words max)

  • A selection of up to 4 of the following keywords:

    • Asia/Africa/Latin America

    • Britain/English

    • Caribbean

    • Europe

    • France/French

    • North America

    • Art History/Visual Culture

    • Gender/Sexuality Studies

    • History

    • Literature

    • Pedagogy

    • Performing Arts

    • Print Culture

    • Professional Development

    • Race and Empire

    • Spanish

    • Other:

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