Lumen (volume 41)

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Volume 41 of Lumen is now available on Érudit, our online publisher.

This issue, edited by Erin Keating, Kathryn Ready and Anne Sechin, brings together a great variety of papers from the 2021 CSECS Conference on "Translation and Appropriation in the Long Eighteenth Century".

Table of contents

Introduction [in English]
Erin Keating, Kathryn Ready and Anne Sechin

Introduction [en français]
Erin Keating, Kathryn Ready and Anne Sechin

Les traductions des voyages imaginaires : exotisme et adaptation
Florian Ponty

Disputatio nova contra Mulieres, Qua probatur eas Homines non esse de 1595 et ses deux traductions françaises au xviiie siècle
Monika Malinowska

A Certified Copy: Translating Images in the Eighteenth-Century French Print Market
Tamara Abramovitch

Traduction et appropriation dans l’Encyclopédie, ou nouvelle apologie de l’abbé Mallet
Reginald McGinnis

Beyond Boundaries: Negotiations of National Identity in Den Vlaemschen Indicateur (1779–87) and the Journal des Pays-Bas autrichiens (1786)
Vanessa Van Puyvelde

Everyday Aesthetics and Eighteenth-Century Fiction: Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Richardson’s Sir Charles Grandison
Elizabeth Kraft

The Nabob, National Identity, and Social Performance in Elizabeth Griffith’s A Wife in the Right (1772)
Rose Hilton

Race, Gender, and Memes: Reactive Blackness and Teaching the Eighteenth Century
Jeremy Chow

Freakish Masculinity in the Eighteenth Century: Andrew Miller’s Ingenious Pain and Hilary Mantel’s The Giant, O’Brien
Chantel Lavoie

Alexander Pope’s Dunciad and Ned Ward’s London Spy: Experiments in Text Visualization
Allison Muri

Defining and Negotiating the Limits of the Immunity of Diplomatic Servants in Eighteenth-Century England
Karen A. Macfarlane

True Touches of Nature: Laurence Sterne and the Sacred Heart
Eric Miller


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