Only members of Canadian Society for Eighteenth Century-Studies (CSECS) who first deliver papers to the society's annual meetings can submit their articles to the organizers of meetings who are appointed by the Executive to serve as editors of each volume.

Guest editors are responsible for the evaluation process of the articles sent to them. Each article will be evaluated by two external reviewers, chosen for their particular qualifications, as attested by their publications. The entire process is designed to be respectful of both authors and evaluators in order to ensure anonymity.

On the basis of recommendations submitted to them, guest editors will either accept or refuse submitted articles. The invited editors then carry out the usual checks concerning plagiarism: texts which, during submission or peer review, prove to be the result of plagiarism or self-plagiarism are immediately rejected. Invited publishers must also ensure that the text of the article is in accordance with the journal's style guide; they may make minor modifications and, following the reviewers' comments, require greater modifications from the authors. Finally authors whose articles are accepted must sign a release form giving Lumen, among others, the right to authorize reproduction of their text, either electronic or in print, in all languages, and in all countries. However, institutional archiving (auto-archiving) is permitted. Lumen is permanently archived on Portico.